ORIGINAL BODY MAGICK - Divine massage - London N8

with Ma Deva Tara

‘By just the very touch, a loving touch, something relaxes in the body… It is through the body that we reach the divine. When we allow the body's energy to flow, we become a river of bliss.’ OSHO

Modern day hectic lifestyles can leave us disconnected from our bodies and its messages. If we are at a crossroads in our life, or in crisis, it is inside ourselves we need to go for the answers. Tara has a contemporary approach to massage that facilitates helping others seeking wholeness and peace of mind. She believes that massage and energetic healing techniques are tools that can assist and enhance positive integration of Self.

Her bodywork techniques are aimed to help transcend the thinking mind, putting you back in touch with the body, thus healing on the many levels from physical to the emotional and spiritual.

Her methods encourage the client to bring full awareness into the present moment, as this is where true magick and healing can occur. Once the senses are opened and the energy is flowing in harmony once again, you are left feeling integrated, vibrant, grounded and alive. Tara has an eclectic approach that will often blend different treatments and techniques as required for whatever the client needs at that time. Whether seeking inspiration relaxation or guidance, she offers the following:


Ayurvedic massage - London N8

This is a full body treatment combining Ayurvedic yoga massage and lomi lomi masssage techniques. The treatment is carried out on a floor futon in a ambient, candlelit relaxing space that will enhance your experience.

Tara combines deep/medium and soft strokes with the hands and sometimes the feet releasing tensions from the mind, muscles and joints. Yoga based stretches may be incorporated if required; these are used to open the body and allow the vital life force energy to flow more freely.

This massage is an invitation to be at ease in the body and Self. It brings us a sense of balance, harmony and grace, aiding a deeper reconnection with ourselves.

Cost: £60 per hour | £90 x 90 mins | £120 x 2 hours | £180 x 3 hours

Indian Head Massage - London N8

This is a seated treatment based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the upper back, shoulders, chest, arms, neck, scalp and face.

Using a variety of strokes and movements of varying pressures to relax and rejuvenate. The essential oils that are used for this treatment are chosen using a method of dowsing the chakras*.

All massages may be combined with stimulation of required Marma points. Marma points are energy centres on the body, which are connection points between the physical body and the subtle energetic bodies.

* CHAKRAS: There are seven major chakras on the body, which are energy centres of spiritual power. "They are related to your state of health, well-being, healing, psychic abilities and your spiritual growth; they form the blue print of your being." Ozaniec

Cost: £40 - 50mins

Divine Foot massage - London N8

This is a whole body massage treat through the feet. Each part of the foot correlates to another usually more distant part of the body, with harmonising benefits extending not just to the muscles and joints but also to the vital organs.

Cost: £40 - 50mins

Benefits of a massage session include but are not limited to:

  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Relief from headaches and migraine
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Releasing energetic blocks in the body
  • Relaxing muscles and relieving chronic tensions
  • Profound relaxation 
  • Improved vitality and fluidity in the body.
  • Improving blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Regained sense of wholeness, feeling at peace in the body
  • Changes of old holding patterns/habits of the physical body.
  • Calmer, deeper sleep.
  • Improved alignment and body posture.
  • More clarity & self-love/acceptance.

Tara practises from her treatment room in north London, N8. It is easily accessible from central London.

Energetic healing and rebalancing - London N8

Tara is qualified in various types of energetic healing techniques, most commonly known are Reiki and spiritual healing. For this treatment it is important to understand that a 'whole' and healthy person is a combination of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies in harmony together. Healing focuses on rebalancing these ‘unseen’ bodies. If they are in disharmony or our life force energy is low, it may result in dis-ease, for example getting sick or feeling stressed.

The 'healer' acts a conduit for universal life force energy and flows this through the client’s energy field/chakras by laying the hands on various points of the body. This universal energy is then amplified by the telepathic use of ancient symbols believed to carry special healing power. The session commences with a cleansing technique using either white sage or a special tincture of crystals and herbs.

Cost: £55 - 60mins

"After a treatment I feel as though I have been fed, deep at a soul level." Miss T

"…I actually felt energy massaging the base of my spine, deeply relaxing, thank you" Paul

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