Transformation of Consciousness

1:1 Sessions in North London

The Freemind Hypnotherapy

FreeMind Hypnotherapy

Blending traditional hypnotherapy with the Freemind system enables you to make real transformational changes in your life creating more happiness inside and out. This modality encourages the release of limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours so that life can be the very best, which is what you deserve. Blending powerful Inner child work techniques with integrative exercises can help one to understand and release core beliefs that are hidden in the unconscious mind. Using traditional hypnotherapy techniques we can reset our mind so that it is working positively for us, thus creating a better life experience. We can address many aspects with these tools but here is a list of some conditions which can benefit greatly:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Lack of direction
  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Psychosexual difficulties
  • Fear of Death
  • Fear of Change
  • Phobias
  • All addictive behaviour
  • Weight issues
  • Confidence issues
  • and many more...

£60 per hour - Session length recommended: 60 to 180 mins.

Energetic bodywork-Reiki and spiritual healing

Energetic bodywork-Reiki and spiritual healing

Eyes closed you will be guided to bring your awareness into the present moment allowing your thoughts to dissolve away. Staying connected to the breath the rest happens by itself. Slowly you will fall into a deep blissful space where through innocence and openness mind, body and spirit equilibrium can occur.

The healer acts a conduit for the source or universal life force energy, laying the hands on various points of the client’s physical/energy body so the healing vibration can flow through into the recipient’s energy field/chakras . This universal energy is then amplified by using the intuited symbols believed to carry special healing power.

The energy healing session commences with a cleansing technique using either white sage or a special tincture of crystals and herbs. and will incorporate *marma point stimulation if required.

Benefits of a session include:

  • Eases aches and pains in the body
  • Creates inner balance and harmony
  • Stills the mind and emotions enhancing a more peaceful state of being
  • Aids in treating insomnia
  • Creates feeling of well- being and connection to SOURCE
  • Assists in treating psychological difficulties like anxiety, panic disorders and depression by increasing acceptance of one’s inner world through self embrace and familiarity
  • Generating inner calm, strength and courage
  • Cleanses and heals the energy body
  • Balances the chakras/energy centres in the body

£60 per hour

Rebirthing, body psychotherapy and breathwork

Rebirthing, Body Psychotherapy & Breathwork

Miraculous shifts in consciousness can occur when we drop our awareness from mind down into the body to listen to its wisdom. Our intuition communicates largely through the body and the five senses. Combining this body awareness process with conscious connected breathing we can start to unravel and move through struck emotions, uprooting and releasing traumatic experiences on a visceral level to leave us more free, open and energised to live a life free from the past. Any experience that leaves us constricting our breath and energy, feeling stuck in the head with anxious/negative thoughts and feelings needs clearing from the system. This modality leaves no stone unturned as we together explore your journey through life to date using the bodies wisdom, psychoanalysis, spiritual guidance and the breath to unveil unconscious patterns, assimilate the truth and unify you with your desires.

£120 for 3 hours

Divine Massage

Divine Massage

A full body massage treatment can combine Ayurvedic (yoga), lomi lomi , myofascial release and marma point stimulation techniques to relax and soften the body and muscles.

This massage treatment is carried out on a floor futon in an ambient, candlelit relaxing space that will enhance your massage and healing experience. Tara combines deep/medium and soft massage strokes with the hands and sometimes the feet releasing tensions from the mind, muscles and joints. Massage yoga based stretches can be incorporated, these are used to open the body and allow the vital life force energy to flow more freely. This massage is an invitation to be at ease in the body and Self. It brings a sense of balance, harmony and grace, aiding a deeper connection with ourselves.

In tradition with Ayurvedic yoga massage practise a special oil and powder can be used to enhance the release of tensions from the muscles and joints; leaving the skin exfoliated and feeling rejuvenated. Please request this at time of booking your massage if you would like to experience it, otherwise we will use hot natural oils.

This massage is often combined with stimulation of various marma points. Marma points are energy centres on the body, which are connection points between the physical body and the subtle energetic bodies. During a massage the physical body becomes more at ease enabling vital life force energy to flow more freely, thus leaving you with a more meditative and harmonious state of mind.

The client can be covered with a sarong or naked during the massage treatment, whatever is preferred and most comfortable for them.

£90 for 90 mins minimum session - Longer sessions up to 3 hours, available at £60 per hour.

Ayurvedic yoga massage

Ayurvedic yoga massage

Yoga based stretches will be incorporated to open the body and allow the vital life force energy to flow more freely.

This massage is an invitation to be at ease in the body. It brings us a sense of equilibrium, harmony and Grace, aiding a deeper reconnection with ourselves.

This massage assists with flexibility and a variety of ailments in the physical and emotional body.

Ending with sensuous healing strokes and a deep sense of well-being and relaxation.

Additional benefits specific to Ayurvedic yoga massage include:

  • Brings awareness to the breathing and therefore increased lung capacity.
  • Re-establishes muscular tones and vital energy.
  • Promotes correct posture.

£90 for 90 mins minimum session - Longer sessions up to 3 hours, available at £60 per hour.