with Ma Deva Tara

‘Life is a gift. Never forget to bask and enjoy every moment you are in’

Tarot reading is an age old tradition to assist us in bringing clarity, inner knowledge and revelation into our lives. Tarot reading is not some spooky black art that curses and troubles the poor questioner that consults the oracle. On the contrary tarot reading is all about unravelling life’s difficult dramas or showing us impressions and influences of the new paths yet to be trodden in our future landscape.

A tarot reading can unveil the dynamics of a situation or relationship old and new, connect us with our inner wisdom and reveal those awaiting gifts that can be ours if we dare to open and trust the process of life.

A tarot reading works with the magick and the mystery of the universe. It is about contacting your higher all-knowing self for guidance.

At the time of consulting the tarot cards, the choosing ‘moment’ is comprised of the past, present and future. The cards picked during a tarot reading display a map of the questioner’s sub-conscious which holds all the answers regarding the situation at hand. Tarot cards are a range of symbolic images and archetypal situations both everyday events and inner psychological learning’s that we all experience as a result of being alive and interacting with the world. Nothing we can feel or experience today in this day and age has not already happened before us. Consulting the tarot cards can be like a huge sigh of relief, normalising thoughts, feelings and behaviour around certain areas of your experience.

Very often during a tarot reading Tara will use more than one deck of cards from both the traditional tarot and a more contemporary deck.

Cost: £55 for 60 minutes

Tarot Reading

Tarot consultations are carried out in North London, N8

Tarot readings can also be booked for parties, festivals and private special events on request.