Tribalheart brings Ecstatic Trance Dance, moving meditations and a fusion of different healing techniques for the mind body and soul.

Trance Dance

Ecstatic Trance dance is a powerful method of transformation that uses, shaking, breath and dance to connect with each other and ourselves on an adventure into our true nature. For thousands of years we have been using dance in a sacred way to access alternate states of consciousness.

Body Magick

Modern day hectic lifestyles can leave us disconnected from our bodies and its messages. If we are at a crossroads in our life, or in crisis, it is inside ourselves we need to go for the answers. Tara has a contemporary approach to massage that facilitates helping others seeking wholeness and peace of mind.


Tarot reading is an age old tradition to assist us in bringing clarity, inner knowledge and revelation into our lives. Tarot reading is not some spooky black art that curses and troubles the poor questioner that consults the oracle.