About Tribalheart

We host classes, courses and retreats offering contemporary approaches that bring more meditation and love into
everyday life.

About Tara

Always changing and forever growing. Learning to continuously
‘let go’ has been the medicinal key to inner freedom.


Welcome to Tribal Heart, we have been running Ecstatic Dances in London since 2007.

We created evenings inspired by the London 90’s club culture spiced with Tantra and Breathwork, incorporating Shamanic/Pagan ceremonial celebrations, woven together with LOVE ❤

We also run retreats and gatherings to provide space for deepening connections with self and others and for the
Tribal Heart community to flourish. 

Come and join our Tribe. 

Ecstatic Dance

We run Ecstatic Dance on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday night of the month in North London. The music & DJs vary each Saturday night, with special guests and resident DJs spinning their flavour of tunes.

You can enjoy the evening as ‘just a dance’, connecting and meeting new friends, but there is also a greater invitation there for you, if you wish to accept it. At the heart of Ecstatic Dance is “Active Meditation”.

Using the dance, breath and music collectively to harness our awareness, we are momentarily free from the mental realms and chatter. Learning to surrender ourselves into the dance and the music is a practice that gets easier as we commit. Learning to let go deeply on all levels.

What to expect?

Mixing ceremony, cacao, Breathwork and embodiment practices gets us warmed up and connected to ourselves, our bodies and each other. Leading us into the Ecstatic Dance journey. A wave of music designed for free-form movement in a chat free zone where we let the energy move you and the spirit of the heart guide you. It’s a space where you can both lose and find yourself all in one session!

You can dance alone and there is no pressure to connect with anyone else, just be yourself and honour what you need in the moment.

If you choose to connect with others during the dance, it is a chance to meet without words from a place of movement, meditation, energy and soul; eyes and heart wide open.

Tantric Sacred Lounge

Tribal Heart has a monthly sacred lounge every month in North London. On these evenings we will explore our energy using all of our senses through a range of processes.

Awakening our bodies through touch, sound, taste, sight and sensation. We will create a safe space to connect more deeply through our hearts with self, others and spirit.

Active Meditation

We regularly run OSHO active meditation classes in London. Active meditations really teach us how to bring the art of meditation into our daily life.

The OSHO dynamic meditation is a monthly staple where we create the space for maximum release. Wherever you are in your life at the moment, learning how to create more space for inner silence will bring enormous healing benefits. Meditation is the doorway to a world of freedom.

About Tara 

Tara McGuinness aka Ma Deva Madhuri, is the founder, mother, lover and
continuous co creator of Tribalheart.

Dancing, music, meditation, tantra and breathwork have been at the foundation of her healing journey. Tara remains inspired through life by OSHO, shamanic and pagan practices and plant medicine. 

The music she is drawn to play is eclectic, hypnotic, emotive, deep and clubby. Tara also offers Massage and Bodywork, Breathwork, Coaching and Hypnotherapy. See her ‘offerings’ page for more information on this.

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