Ecstatic Dance

Expand your energy with dance

We run Ecstatic Dance on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday night of the month in North London. The music & DJs vary each Saturday night, with special guests and resident DJs spinning their flavour of tunes.

The venue will be either

Somers Town Community Sports Centre, 134 Chalton Street London NW1 1RX


The Upper Room, 8 Greenland Street, Camden. NW10ND

This night is an inspiration and fusion of club culture, dancing yoga, active meditation, cardio fitness, Ecstatic trance dance (blindfolds available) and a sacred Nataraj. If you choose to connect, it is a chance to meet others without words from a place of movement, meditation, energy and soul; eyes and heart wide open.

The evening:

We will start the evening with a welcoming warmup to relax the body and mind. Together we will set an intention for the evening inviting the heart to open and awaken within us thus creating sacred space for all. For those that wish to partake, we will enjoy and deepen our intention with a short Cacao ceremony. (The cacao is used to take us deeper into our body, awakening our senses, connecting us to heart energy and aiding a spring in our step) We also embark on some dynamic breathwork to fire us up for the evening.

– Please leave at least 2 hours after eating a heavy meal if drinking cacao.

-Please do not drink alcohol before the event as it is contraindicated with some of the breathwork techniques we practice

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