Tribal Heart Sacred Lounge 

 New venue to be announced soon


Welcome to the Tribal Heart Sacred Lounge.

An evening of nourishment for the heart and soul in a sacred haven where we can enjoy, express and feast our senses together.

We will do practices from a medley of modalities that will include Tantra, Meditation, Breathwork, and Bioenergetics. Occasionally we will spice things up and safely explore more shadow themes of conscious BDSM.

Connecting with a range of feelings present in the body and heart, we will release and move energy where needed so we can access the medicine of pleasure in the body, love in the heart and the boundlessness and interconnectedness of our Spirit.

We will always start by tuning in to ourselves and the unique energy of the group on the night. We will learn how to acknowledge and set boundaries for ourselves authentic for each group. From here we can explore connections with others using a variety of guided meditations that invite us on a sensory journey to experience touch, sound, smell, sight and taste. You can participate as much or as little as you feel in each exercise and are always encouraged to honour yourself and your boundaries in the moment.

As with all Tribal Heart events we will make space to stretch, move and dance.


The event is open to all levels of experience in Tantra or other conscious connection groups.


We wish to create a space where we can deep dive playfully together, moving through any fears around connection and being seen. This is a clothed event unless otherwise specified but we encourage you to bare your heart and let it shine with an intention and generosity to share your unique self at a level you are comfortable with.


Ceremonial grade Cacao will be served, with gentle aphrodisiacs such like Maca, Ashwagandha, and Damiana. Any foods or beverages served for the main rituals will be organic and high quality.

It is a guided group meditation, so no chit-chatting after the event starts.

Doors open 7:20pm, event starts 7:45pm sharp. No entry after 7:45pm. Wear loose comfortable clothes.

Sober only, no alcohol or any intoxicants allowed during the event

Bring a bottle of water.

Tickets sliding scale: Low income £20 Middle £25 High income £30


Join us in the Sacred Lounge for a feast!


Atmo is an explorer of ecstatic states of consciousness. He is an ecstatic dance DJ, tantra and breathwork practitioner with over 10 years experience. He brings authenticity playfulness and depth.


Occasionally we will have guest speakers or hosts to bring some additional magic to the pot.


Highbury on Friday nights is an excellent location to chat and socialise, after the event, including restaurants, pubs, music venues or a park.

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