Osho Dynamic Meditation

A complete workout for mind, body and soul; It is the mother of all emotional cleansers!!

3rd Saturday morning of each month.

The Venue is a room in Lauderdale house set on the entrance of the magnificent Waterlow park in Highgate (nearest tube is Archway, on the northern line. Waterlow park is less then 10min walk up highgate hill) A very beautiful location to be after such a energizing and emotionally cleansing experience!


Doors open 0830am

Instructions 0845am

Meditation – 9am-10am (no admission after 9am)


There is a cafe downstairs for you to drink, eat and connect together afterwards or you may feel drawn to wander alone into the majestic park, soaking up the beauty of the trees, lakes and landscape…whatever is right for you!


Active meditations were designed by Osho with us westerners in mind. It can be challenging with our hectic lifestyles, full of stimulus to just sit down and switch off into silence. How many times have you heard people say’ I just can’t meditate, my mind is too busy, my body cannot be still etc…’


Active meditations were designed by Osho to use the body and breath first, enabling us to ’empty our vessel ‘ through physical movement. By doing this we release pent up emotions and tension in the body so that we are more able to reach inner stillness, silence and meditation. We will commence with the dynamic meditation for a series of weeks then rotate to try other active meditations designed by Osho.


What is the dynamic meditation?


A complete workout for mind, body and soul; It is the mother of all emotional cleansers!!


More detailed instructions for newcomers given at 845am (optional attendance if you know this meditation well).


Meditation starts 9am sharp. Doors will have to close then. This technique is in 5 stages that flow together beautifully to make up the complete meditation. It is done with the eyes closed so no need to feel self conscious; no one is looking at you!


Stage 1) Chaotic breathing. Completely takes you out of the mind, energizes, detoxifies and oxygenates the body in preparation for the next stage


Stage 2) Catharsis-emptying your vessel! How often will you get the the opportunity to release on such a spectacular level. Your endorphins will be flying as you act out, scream, cry, shout, play madness as best you can. Doing this regular will release stress and tension on all levels; It could keep you sane:)


Stage 3) ”Hoo” phase. Grounding the energy


Stage 4) Silence…drop inside and really experience the witnessing self. Meditation will come easily now.


Stage 5) Dance. Celebrate your experience like a new born you


Meditations will start at 9am (running for one hour) on Saturday mornings. New comers please arrive at 845am if you want to go over the instructions…


Cost is on a sliding scale depending on your wage or situation- £15/£12 or £10 conc no questions asked!

(please pay by cash, paypal or eventbrite.
Correct money if paying cash please)

If money is a problem please speak to Tara, all are welcome.

Book tickets via..

This meditation can be done alone but the more the merrier for a real energy blast. I know it’s early but get up and JOIN IN!!! Trust me you will feel amazing afterwards….

Ideally this is best done on an empty stomach (certainly not a full one). As I said there is a cafe downstairs so you won’t go hungry or you can always picnic in the park!


Come alone or come with friends.
Bring a bottle of water and an open mind!



Additional info:

Lauderdale House

Waterlow Park

Highgate Hill

London N6 5HG

Lauderdale House is a white house behind the gates to Waterlow Park on Highgate Hill. It’s on the left hand side heading north up from Archway tube, ( just past St Joseph’s Church on the corner of Dartmouth Park Hill). It faces Highgate Hill and is easily visible from the pavement, backing onto Waterlow Park.

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